Reliable Sales Leads- 50% and More Closing

Life Leads AppointmentsThe life insurance providers/agents who are new to this market find it hard to buy good life insurance leads. These people aren’t alone in their struggle. Insurance providers at times cut costs by not giving importance to hiring a good telemarketing team and agents from top companies with high success ratio.

  • No more selling relatives and cold calling
  • No short/long term contracts
  • 100% exclusive life insurance leads in real time
  • Make your own schedule by selecting your own hours and days to work leads

Reliable Life Insurance Leads

Our Company is Texas based life insurance leads generation firm for the insurance agents, mortgage brokers and home health care agencies who are in search of the lead appointments.

If you have given up after spending huge amounts of money on useless mailing campaigns and you are looking for ways to minimize the time for prospecting and increasing the time for selling then you have reached the right destination.

We provide our clients with different tools to help with prospects and eventually all decisions are left with the client to take the final step.


Our team confirms from the potential customer if they have a saving or a checking account or any life insurance plan. We try to get the maximum information from the prospect. We have kept the health screening optional. For some additional fee we ask the potential customer if they have any kind of health issues like type 2 diabetes, COPD, cardiac issues, End Stage Renal Disease or Congestive Heart Failure.