Appointments and Phone Leads

Life Insurance Leads 2If you are searching for excellent sales leads or preset appointments you have reached the best website to fulfill your needs.

When it comes to qualified appointments that are preset and referrals to sales leads, Insol® cannot be beat. Our Company will help you be more assertive so that you are able to finish as many sales as possible in your search to expand your business.

We pay attention to detail and search for leads that meet your unique criteria to prevent you wasting time with unqualified leads. With Insol® you will be a focal point for potential buyers and receive all the necessary information to successfully close the new sale.

Insol® has developed a unique sales technique that focuses on individuals that are new to the Medicare system. Our ability to obtain new sales and promote interest cannot be surpassed.

At Insol® we focus on seniors that are 64 to 65 years old. We do not limit ourselves to one income group so that we can promote sales in the most diverse way possible. Our telemarketers will create appointments within a 24 hour turn around and will make sure that the individual does not currently have any sort of Medicare supplement or advantage plan in place to prevented wasted time on your part as well as the potential clients.